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How to read invisible ink marked poker cards? You may hear UV contact lenses before playing card cheating lens. It is a special type of marked cards contact lenses which can read marks on playing cards within 3m. Just like a pair of normal contact lenses invisible ink infrared contact lenses, it wouldn’t change your original eyes color. What’s more, compared with sunglasses, UV contact lenses are more concealed and more flexible. When it comes to the quality of UV contact lenses, here are three classES. The cheapest contact lenses are most suitable for brown or black eyes because it wouldn’t change their eyes color, but the effect is not good enough to read marked cards. The second class and top class of contact lenses suit for different eyes color and both of them can read cards clear. Generally speaking, second class contact lenses can use more than 8 months and top quality contact lenses which can use more than 2 years if you keep well in the pure water. What’s more, if you have myopia, we also can special design myopia contact lens for you. The most important thing we should pay more attention is the keeping method. We should soak lenses into pure water rather than care solution. gambling cheating device, poker cheating devices, poker analyzer, omaha scanner system. WhatsApp: +85363403786


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